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Graduate Program in Information Technology

Course Objective Duration: 24 Months (Hrs) + 12 Month Industry Work

The Graduate Program in Information Technology prepares a student for a successful entry into the professional IT world by making them job-ready, along with their college education, the day they graduate. This is the new industry –endorsed programme rightly aligns with a changing academia and Industry.

With inputs from the industry, the new syllabus is a perfect for IT skills, professional skills and technology. It ensures that the student’s IT knowledge and skills are mapped to the industry requirements and entry level role competencies. The new programme positions maximum emphasis on an active experimentation with a higher exposure to hands on practice knowledge.

As an IT professional, apart from technical skills you also need to have the right attitude, communication skills, work ethics and host of other personal attributes that plays a crucial role in your career. Same is the reason why with the new programme we aim to strengthen the basic communication and professional skills by making these a part of the core syllabus.


Module 1: Foundation of IT
Module 2: Advanced IT Skills
Module 3: Software Engineering (Option 1)
Module 3: IT Infrastructure Management (Option 2)
Module 4: Software Engineering (Option 1)
Module 4: IT Infrastructure Management (Option 2)

IN Module 5 & Module 6 student will undergo for an Internship & LIVE Project Work.

The curriculum designs ensure that no learning from earlier semester(s) is lost when you are promoted to higher module. In every Module starting from Module 2, students will work on projects that will assimilate the learning of all Modules learnt till then. It will help students in:

  • • demonstrate skill using real life case studies.
  • • continuously engage the learner to implement the concept and skills learnt.


Our continuous and periodic evaluation framework follows a detailed assessment strategy laid out for the entire programme. As the programme processes, the assessment are triggered by events such as start or completion of session/modules.


At the end of the program our students to work in a real industry environment. It is a real time industry work that consolidates the student’s knowledge into applied skill-sets.