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About US

that no man who does not see visions will ever realize any soaring hope or embark on any high endeavour. Knowledge exists to be imparted. Light is the emblem of truth. Try not to become a man of success but a man of value. DVS stands for sun, beam and truth. The sun radiates gleam, vigour and vivacity. The students at DVS are taught to undertake all those things that are intricate, as only that will do them good. Unless you try to do something further than what you have already mastered, you will never mature. DVS inculcates the knowledge of management in every molecule of the mind of students. We visualize our students to burst through the difficult and thorny situations and be frontrunners at the end of the day. The Institute believes in making leaders out of those Executives who can produce results vis-à-vis the parameters of our vision. In the years ahead we visualise our student to have leadership traits ingrained in their culture. The Institute aims at excellence in Professional education.

DVS fulfils the dreams of young scholars by making them realize their ambitions and giving it physical shape. The road to excellence is unending but it is the journey that matters. With this vision DVS promises to impart best education in the field of Finance, Accounts, Management, Information Technology, Retail, Banking and Insurance and Entrepreneurship.

DVS Group of Institutions is founded by a group of visionaries with a mission to redefine contemporary education system under aegis Digvijay Singh Educational Society. The most distinguished feature of the program is that it is application oriented and well suited to the corporate and business organisations.